PR Application Filing Services – Premium Package (P4)

Complete Premium Package for your PR application filing. Total price depends upon whether you are paying for a single applicant or a family, and the number of people in the family.

This package is suitable for people earning more than 7000 SGD per month and who are in a middle or senior management role.

S$ 3000 + $300 Per dependant

UP S$ 4500+

About this Package

How this package differs from Pro Plan

Our Pro Plan covers everything you need for filing your PR application. However, our experience shows that people who are earning 7000 SGD or more in monthly salary, people who are generally in middle or senior management roles, or who are specialists in their fields, have unique attributes that make possible additional strategies that can be utilized to further improve their chances of PR approval.

People who fall into this category often work in sectors such as IT, Cloud Technologies, Management Consulting, Biotech Research, Finance and Banking, Communications/Media, the Legal Profession, and Healthcare.

The Premium Package includes everything the Pro Plan offers, but in addition allows us to use some specialised techniques that will further improve your profile score. For example, at least two more documents will be submitted to ICA for your benefit.

What is included in the Premium Package (P4)?

This package include following Services;

  • Unlimited consultations with your Immigration Consultant
  • Complete review of your profile
  • Tips and action plan to strengthen your profile score
  • Complete review of all documents to ensure those are error free
  • Personalised cover letter
  • Two customised testimonial letters
  • Preparing additional documents and steps to improve the profile score specifically for those who are in middle or senior management roles
  • Filing of application to ICA on your behalf
  • Dedicated Immigration Consultant and Documents Controller to manage your entire application journey
  • Post-submission and post-outcome advisory and support
  • A one-time appeal in the event of rejection

What do we need from you for this Package?

To perform all the above activities for you, we need the following items from you;

  • A completed profile form – For filing up form 4A
  • A completed cover letter form – For cover letter inputs
  • A completed testimonial form – For testimonial details
  • Copies of any other letters or testimonials you plan to submit to ICA with your PR application
  • Copies of all required documents: Passport, IC, Home Country IC, Salary slips, Birth Certificate, etc.

What steps will Epica next take?

Once we receive the above information, our expert team will go through all the details and do the following:

  • Review your profile completely and identify the opportunities for strengthening it
  • Provide tips and an action plan to improve your profile score
  • Review copies of all documents and ensure those are error free
  • Identify the highlights to emphasize in your cover letter for ICA consideration
  • Additional specific documents required for you under premium package
  • Write an appealing and succinct cover letter, customized just for you, to present your case to busy immigration officials
  • Identify specific achievements and attributes to emphasize in testimonials on your behalf
  • Write two testimonials for your use

Two experts will be assigned to your case, an immigration consultant and a professional writer. You can rest assured that your application will be complete and compelling.

Processing Time

Once we receive all the details from you, we will need 10-12 working days to do the initial review and work out an action plan. It will take another 10-12 working days to compose the cover letter and testimonials. Then, assuming all steps have been completed and any additional documents provided, we will proceed to submit the application on your behalf.

In most cases, the whole process—from engaging Epica’s services to the submission of your PR application—is completed within 8 weeks. In rare cases, it may take longer.

Unlimited Consultations/Revisions

Unlimited consultations with the immigration consultant and unlimited revisions of documents are allowed. So if after going through the drafts, you see some changes that need to be made, you can indicate so and our team will do it for you.


We will provide the following for you:

  • List of steps identified to improve your profile score
  • The completed forms, cover letter, and testimonials
  • Submission of your Application to ICA on your behalf

This package is highly recommended for those in middle and senior management

If you are planning to avail yourself of our cover letter writing and testimonial services (Packages P1 or P2) or of the additional benefits in our Pro Package (P3), consider upgrading to our Premium Package if you are in middle or senior management. You will receive additional benefits that will make your profile score even more competitive.

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