PR Application Filing Pricing

We provide services to people in Singapore to file their PR or Citizenship Application

Even if you are applying on your own, it might be worth to know our services.

Why you may want to consider an agent?


That was more than ten years ago. You could go to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building on some afternoon, take your papers along, wait for your ticket number to be called, present all copies and show all certificates. Then, after filing, you would get your results in 3 months. And rejection of PR was unheard of, especially if you had stayed for more than two years in Singapore.


In the years 2008 Singapore ICA approved approximately 80,000 PRs. But government policy has changed, and now ICA approves only 30,000 PRs per year. However the pool of people eligible for PR
includes the 672,000 individuals who already hold Employment Passes, S Passes, and Dependent Passes. So the competition is very stiff.

Do not take risk

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your PR application. Engage a professional consultancy firm like Epica Immigration to help you. We keep up-to-date with prevailing immigration policies and have a wealth of experience in submitting immigration cases for our customers.

Plans we offer

We offer two plans as below. Fill-up the form to get further details.

Pro Plan

For Anybody wishing to apply for PR. To know the pricing, fill up the form, and you will get the pricing immediately.

Premier Plan

For those earning 7500 SGD+ per month. In this plan we also give certain % of fees as a moneyback guarantee.